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[[Note: Below are some plans for this site but the initial recipe posts are filed under the "Articles" tab. I do not yet have much content up on this site as I am concentrating on making the various "Associated Sites" (see side panel for links) to coordinate in their initial content. If you have recipes (see below), to share, please "join" at the link in the side panel. That will enable you to post under the Articles. .]]

This is a place to share recipes of all kinds as well as remedies and remedial protocols. We encourage sharing your kitchen "alchemy" experiments and their results especially as natural and nutritious as possible for healthy, fun-filled lives!

Weeds and flowers to eat, anyone? Survivalist information? Let's share what works and what doesn't. All things kefir, kombucha, konjac, stevia, vinegar and other fermenteds!

We will be sharing some of our favorite, informative websites on all things related to preparing, (growing them too,), harvesting, etc. to get the produce to the table.

I will be sharing some of my past posts from forums I've participated in either with the other party's permission, the particular forum permission such as good manners and permissions permit, in other words giving credit where credit is due.

We do want to emphasize that nothing within this site is to be construed as "medical advice" … we are all experimenting with our own and/or the poor, unwitting "victims" in our families :) such as those kids that don't like greens, or think onions are yukky, (if they see any), etc.

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