Diverticulitis Cures, Kefir n Other

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I am placing some links here on some recent good research work and advice for diverticulitis for a couple family members and thought I would post it here for anyone else needing more direction. Note that the commercial ads in the articles can be safely ignored!! :) Here are a couple links about using kefir as a probiotic which will help cure diverticulitis. I would recommend you start using the REAL kefir milk made from REAL "kefir grains" (the translucent cauliflower-looking culture of ancient, ancient origins which keeps growing). The kefir they sell commercially is only about 1/10 as strong and the beneficial variety of microflora as REAL kefir. ALL it takes to make it is to daily change the milk and drink either that which has fermented for 24 hours or for even more benefit, that which has fermented for 48 hours as it develops B vitamins such as B12 etc. in that extra time. However, it gets more tart too. But there's ways of counteracting that.



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