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Sorry I didn't get this idea "brewing" and posted before this, but that is the luck o' the draw, today!! I didn't get it "dreamed up", (popped up like a little green leprechan in my head, it did), until last night so it was already too late to ferment it for 24 hours in kefir milk which would have added to the available nutrients and microflora of all raw, all natural. BUT here it is .. it will still be "nutrient dense" and delicious.

About 1 medium sized aloe vera plant leaf from houseplant, (not chem. sprayed obviously) (3/4 c. chopped whole, skin and all, ready for blender)
About 1 medium stalk celery (again guessing about 3/4 c. chopped for blender
2 tsp. lime unsweetened gelatin, or lime unsweetened koolaid powder for green effect (the Jello would add the gelatin protein) .. (both would have artificial coloring but I figured for a special occasion such as this, we could go that)
If you have a stevia plant available or dried stevia leaves, go for that to taste in the blender, otherwise use stevia powder or honey to taste
Some dried or fresh pineapple would blend up for extra nutrition, adding to the taste without compromising the color for this day! Coconut flakes would also be good without compromising the "green"!
1 lime juiced .. one could blend the peel also for extra nutrition but will take a little more offsetting stevia or honey.
24 to 48 hour cultured kefir milk in blender
1/8 tsp. baking soda
Dried spinach flakes or dried parsley flakes if you have them available.

Blend till well blended. (Now … if this was the day before St.Paddy's day .. or if you care to use this otherwise for wonderful green nutrition, you could more profitably let this stand and ferment in covered jar overnight .. it will predigest the fibers, extract other nutrients to make them more bio-available, in other words being even more nutritious than freshly brewed! .. We know that kefir develops additional vitamins in the 2nd 24-48 hours of ferment).

Here's for the luck o' the Irish to you … Joyce

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