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Today , Valentine's Day, 2011, I am adding content under these WIPS (works in process). ., sharing a recipe I made specially for my soul-partner, Dave, today for a special Valentine's treat. Although I do not yet have a really appropriate title for the recipe and it's variants, I did wish to share this recipe … gifts from the our earth-allies, the bees, cows, rich microbial soil, and their caretakers who helped co-create some of the basic ingredients, with first thanks to our Creator for this wonderful diversity to start with, ("1st Creations" as Dave calls it), (that is opposed to 2nd or co-created products which follow the raw materials).

This "WIP" will be the chapter of a book I am writing. .Actually, I co-created the basic parts of this recipe over a period of several days, not just today. I conceived of the idea of kefir milk-cultured bee pollen, not entirely sure how it would end up, but knowing it would at least be wonderfully nutritious. A couple years ago I had brewed some of the DOM's "PollengarPollengar" which would about knock us off our feet with just a spoonful of it, it was so energizing. The DOM's many teachings and tips on fermenting various food sources is an enriching read! Check in at the WIP regarding Kefir BeePollen Cheese and variants and uses. You will NOT find these recipes anywhere else, I guarantee it .. they are straight from co-creation!!

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