Firming Skin Cream

Healing Firming Skin Cream w/My Thieves Oil Blend Extract

This face-lift lotion also relieves aches somewhat. It really tightens and lifts skin. Use lightly under eyes to diminish the "bags" and by the side of the eyes, upper cheeks. bottle.

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Mix some of my basic Thieves Oil Extract with Aloe Vera gel, some lotion (e.g. the Dollar General variety of Cocoa Butter lotion with Shea Butter added), a very small amount of DMSO liquid (it has the cellular drying attributes), some pure vanilla (small amount) for additional homey smell, a tiny bit of a hair conditioner, tiny bit of almond extract for its nice smell, and a tiny bit of Wintergreen oil. I keep it in the bathroom right by the sink in a pump bottle.

It "separates" so you must shake it before each use. It will be quite liquidy but that's ok … it smooths skin silkily , even rough callouses …
I believe it kills fungus when used enough like the dermato? (the little critters they show on TV getting under nails). We have also done the vinegar water soaks for feet 1st to soften and kill the dermys and then apply this Thieves lotion.

My 5 ingredients for Thieves Extract were: Cloves, Cinnamon, Thyme,
Oregano and Rosemary. (the latter 3 homegrown).

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