Thieve's Extract Basic

This remedy is based on "Thieve's Oil" which has quite the folklore, which I believe is actually based in common sense herbology. In folklore it is said that back in the time of the Black Plague, some of the graverobbers of the plague victims did not catch or succumb to the disease. Reasons given are that they used "Thieve's Oil" blends which probably worked at several levels. First, the fleas, etc. which were the carriers, were repelled. Secondly, the herbs themselves would make the skin and mucus membranes of nose, etc. a very inhospitable environment for the germs. There are several variations on the 'net. This was my "remedy"

You can "extract" the properties of the herbs in boiling hot water poured over the top and allowed to steep; in DMSO, (Dimenthyl Sulfoxide); in a real vinegar; in alcohol; in hot oil.

The 5 ingredients I used were Cloves, Cinnamon, Thyme, Oregano and Rosemary. The latter 3 were homegrown.

This is allowed to set for 2 weeks to infinitum?? I use this as a mosquito repellant, on the animals for flea repellant, and in my healing firming skin cream. (See recipe herein).

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