Crepes Delux

Crepes Deluxe:

1 cup SunButter, (See recipe herein) 1 cup whole milk, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1 2/3 cups flour, 8 eggs …
mix all in blender till well-blended. Use a cast-iron skillet for best results. Place about 1 teaspoon margarine or SunButter in it. Have it hot but NOT burning or sizzling hot. (Medium high temp is the way I'de describe it) The temperature is one of the main determinants on successful crepes.

Pour in about a 1/2 cup batter (so it first spreads quickly to about a 4" diameter
circle. Then quickly grasp the hot pan and gently "circle" it so the batter
spreads out to all sides and it should make a crepe which almost or does reach
all sides. It should not take long for it to become browned in pretty patterns
on the cooking side.

Gently extend spatula through to beyond middle and flip.

(With regular crepes which are thicker, I usually have told when they're done
on one side by when air bubbles start to be visible on top side. When made
with SunButter they start showing glistening tiny bubbles rather than air
holes. The SunButter Crepes will be thinner and more delicate than regular
and lift from pan easier. They are gorgeous!!!

Enjoy…. Don't let the length of these directions make it seem complicated … its not.

I write all the hints to help you duplicate the results … trying to put into words all my cooking "skills" (have you ever tried describing in words how to ride a bike?) The temperature is critical as is the consistency of the batter and both can seem the same but not be … you have to do it. And flours can vary in how they absorb liquid so if the consistency of the batter is not right, adjust with either a little more milk or a little more flour until it is pourable but not too thin … either way they will
break rather than adhere and flex right.

I have an old observation: the first crepe or pancake out of the pan will generally be the most inferior. Now, given their lusciousness, that should not hold anyone up on enjoying that first one too.

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