Gaylord Hauser's Sun Butter

1st: Gaylord Hauser's recipe for "Sun Butter" is a recipe he advocated back about 40-50 years ago as part of good nutrition … to replace both real butter or oils for a spread … and definitely to replace margarines 95% of which are made with "hydrogenated oils" the evils of which have been recognized by the alternative health persons since about 50 years ago … one should NOT buy any product with hydrogenated oils, (check your peanut butter to see if it is REAL and wholesome.)


1 part real butter (just softened/melted to mixable consistency)(It is ok to
partially melt it either on stove or microwave in solid cup … but ALWAYS
watch out for too hot as it is extremely flammable and it would ruin the
consistency AND flavor to be too hot)

1 part Peanut Oil (preferably Hollywood brand as it seems to be the only one listed with E added and the butter has A) (or if not, then it could be Canola, Soy, Corn, or even extra mild Olive …although I don't care for the flavor and have seldom used it).

Blend the 1/2 and 1/2 mixture…store in refrigerator … check about 1/2

through its cooling/firming up time to stir to make sure it remains "blended"
evenly (not separated). When cooled sufficiently, store it in the refrig covered
and it will remain very spreadable. (Mix some with herbs or garlic etc. for
wonderful toast or garlic-bread, or on fish, baked potatoes, etc. .) Real butter
can pick up off-flavors very easily from other refrig. products too which is
why to always keep covered in there.

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