Sebaceous Cysts Removed by MOV
2ndDay%20MOV%20draw%20of%20r%20front%20shoulder%20cyst.JPG NOTICE: I am sorry that I forgot to include the link to the vinegar and MOV page with references there to further info on how to make it. I've inserted the link in the text below now.


This may "gross out" some, but am posting it to possibly help others see the "drawing" and healing power of MOV. This will reference the article I posted earlier with pictures of my vinegar brewing and the "Mother of Vinegar" or "MOV"VinegarAndMOVs. It shows the process in case you may want to grow your own MOV basically "for free" healing resources.

My husband Dave has had large sebaceous cysts since early adulthood at least. We are guessing these started from all the various workplace sites he worked with on construction, as lineman, and on San Onofre construction and are now "detoxing". He had 2 rupture last year about this same time and this one just this past week, (Jan. 7-11 or so).

The pictures here are what has been removed from the cyst by using MOV as a bandage over the whole cyst area. After 2 1/2 days this is what came OUT when removing the MOV. (It had had a Telfa pad covering it on his shoulder to protect clothes.) 2 of the pictures are the "crater" it left. I changed the "bandages" at about the 24 hour mark each time, but that is open to judgment. I've varied from 8 hour changes to the 24, or even 36 hours at the finishing up healing stage when drainage was almost gone.

We are continuing to use MOV to clean up the remainder of the crater and to get it to heal over cleanly. At today's date as I insert this, it is now January 18th and the first huge cyst is almost completely drained and almost closed up by itself under the care of the MOV bandages. At one point drainage was quite heavy of just pus-like gunk draining out. Note: Following the pics I've inserted some more information to answer a few questions I've received since posting this.]


The following information includes comments from others in response to posts of mine re. the cysts.

This is my additional info as I shared with another person and copied here: It seems sebaceous cysts are one of those areas docs just don't want to "deal with". Dave has had so many which have been there all his life and each of the many times he's had surgery, we've asked if they could remove them … nope. So here he is and they're starting to rupture. Years ago I used to try to squeeze out contents and would sometimes get some out but they were still there & I gave up as it was hard to get him to sit still that long, and besides, at some point one gets tired of trying to "fix" something like that which seems non-fixable. Besides, I'd heard from some med. authorities that they were "contained" for a reason and best NOT to disturb. Dave had 2 break open last yr. at the same time and I just shot from the hip on how to "drain" them.

Well, I have to qualify that because when the first one was getting huge, red and obviously infected underneath, before rupture, or when it first barely started, I did insist that he go to the doc. So doc put him on some antibiotics with his plan to let it get ready for surgery on it in 1 week. I remember being confronted with dealing with the draining then, and decided to try the Scoby (film like MOV but from Kombucha) bandage which I'de read about being used in a lot of situations. They (MOV & Scobies) do act the same for healing as far as I can tell, although their brews are slightly different at the vinegar stage ..just a few microflora different, I guess.

They flatten out suction like because they are like a flexible, wet disc so it will flatten out over the bump and seal at the edges, so Dave could be standing when I put that on his chest or back, and then I would put a Telfa pad over it to keep it from absorbing into the clothes and breathable tape over it to hold it all in place. When it is removed like 12-24 hours later, (I now let it go 24), it will generally look like a little dried piece of leather with all this drainage gunk on the side from the chest but dried up otherwise. So, I just take that off, have paper towels nearby and perhaps wipe the area off with vinegar water if needed, and dry by blotting with paper towel before slapping the new MOV on …each day for however long it takes. It all seems to come out but it takes a few weeks least it did last year. Towards last last year I did not have more MOV or Scoby available & my dau. in law bought some colloidial silver salve/gel in a tube and it helped the final healing/sealing over. Some small scars but nothing bad.

This year it was only 2 1/2 days before the main cyst material came out so I expect the after-drainage will be shorter too. In the meanwhile now, another big, old cyst on his back has ruptured so I am starting to deal with it too the same way but so far it seems like it won't be 1 big "removal" but coming out slower. I've started "working" with the rest of his back with black walnut hull extract first and a castor oil pack with heated towel (only once yet) to see if it will take care of some of the other "conditions" on his very leathery but spotty back. His brothers, father all had similar conditions and I really do believe it was from years in the hot sun in construction & other outside trades, (Dave gets absolutely dark brown IF he's been outside much). Much of that was exposed to all sorts of toxins, etc. He tells about when finishing cement, the trucks coming out which had been filled with sewer water with some of the pooey etc. still in it back when. (They helped build San Diego.)

Another person contributed: Re. keloid scar ..I was just reading that castor oil is supposed to be able to reduce them, as well as Vit E capsules or oil soothed over it. I don't know, but have read that for several years.

I answered another person here: Talking about clay packs .. I've wondered about them from the start ..I do use diatomaceous earth now in places where at one time I would have used clay and last year ended up using it around the edges to absorb also when I was running out of MOV.

Yes, the start of the MOV is the stuff on the bottom of the Braggs, but that is too miniscule to use. It proves that it is "live" vinegar as opposed to the pasteurized or distilled stuff in the grocery stores which is devoid of helpful, beneficial, living microflora. Did you go to the article I posted about the vinegar brewing and pictures of the MOV?

It is at: and shows the gallon jar with many layers of the MOV which has grown for a year or so and some of the "layers" out on a plate. They are made of many layers of the biofilm called MOV (or Scoby). It is sometimes relatively easy to "peel off" a thin layer and sometimes not. One could "grow" relatively separate and thin MOV layers by sloshing the vinegar over them as they cover the top surface but if undisturbed, they will just grow thicker. They can be cut too and still live.

I've used some blended in the blender for a salad dressing or dip. (I think I have at least one recipe somewhere in that site, but offhand don't recall which one …and no good "Table of Contents" either).

The article above has some directions on making vinegar which is REALLY easy. After it gets brewing, one can put it in small containers, different shapes, (square, circular, triangular) if one wishes to "fashion" or "tailor" the shape and size of the MOV (or Scoby). There are also links to Sandor Katz "Wild Fermentations" and another expert on all types of resources …like "scrap vinegar" out of apple or pineapple or peach, etc. "scraps" like peels, decaying parts cores with seeds, all tossed in to ferment. I've done that with the "scraps" of both pineapple and apples to good advantage. So, I have all these bottles of vinegar sitting around, some I haven't taken the "scraps" out of yet so it looks like one son remarked, "jars of aborted fetuses"!

Historically the MOV or Scoby has been used as artificial leather, (as drum skins, poor shoes) and now "hi-couture" by one bioscientist. See TED talk video re her clothes at which I put on my Redhen site at: If you've ever been a seamstress, one can see where her creativity could go with these biofilms of various shapes, sizes … like a thin MOV across a round gallon jar could easily become a "circle skirt" for a barbie doll! The ideas are limitless, but one has to learn "the material", it's limits and possibilities as with any creative endeavor!

January 18, 2012 additional comments received from others: "I used a scoby from kombucha to drain my arm that was extremely swollen from catscratch fever and i ‎didnt have insurance to go to hospital. Took 6 nights of showing nothing and on the seventh it sucked ‎all the swelling out n my arm looked like a deflated balloon for a couple of days! "

Another one:
"‎ Thanks for sharing that information. Very good to know! Years ago I knew someone with bad kidneys ‎‎(weekly dialysis was a must) who was constantly having his Dr. cut & stitch him for large cysts. ‎Personally, I had a Thompson grape-sized cyst surgically removed from the top of my head due to it ‎causing my hair to chemically burn every time I got a perm. Believe it or not, it was inherited from my ‎maternal grandfather when I was close to 35. He had one in the same spot, as does my oldest brother!
‎> I just read the other day about how vinegar was used extensively as an antibiotic and wound ‎disinfectant during WWII. Amazing! "

That would be interesting to find out. I will try to flesh out further information from that person to share and their sources and post them here if it is received back.

Another person asked: "Hi

Please tell me more about the application of this treatment. Could a dh go to work while under this treatment on cysts on the back of his head?"

Here is my answer to the above: "I've put more info up on the site about the application of it. As to whether someone could go to work ‎with it on, I would have to say it certainly would have no effect on one's functionality (barring some ‎wierd allergy or reaction), but otherwise it only feels like relief according to Dave and my experience ‎with it for skin, hair, etc. as well as others and our healing experiences.

Now to the cosmetic effect would need to have it covered to keep it in place and so it could ‎absorb drainage. Our experience says that the sebaceous cyst WILL drain gunk for possibly 2-3 weeks, ‎at which time sealing shut should have any draining almost invisible or done. Perhaps a fellow could go ‎to work depending on their occupation … wearing a hat, or a head covering such as a bandana …or just ‎proudly sporting the taped over Telfa type bandage over the top of the MOV. The tape and covering ‎should be breathable. Why Not?

Did you look at the site's article 30 about the vinegar brewing, and pictures of the MOV? Thinner layers ‎or pieces can be peeled off …or cultivated by gently rocking the brewing jar as soon as the MOV at the ‎top of the vinegar gets the proper thickness cause it to go under and a new thin layer will form, thus ‎one can have multiple thin ones in the liquid. See my new comments re. other uses for these MOVs if ‎you start brewing your own."

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