Herbal Vinegar Infusion

**This is my herbal vinegar extract and "remedy". It is not so much an exacting "recipe" as it is a record of the herbs I added to several gallons I made a few years back. Proportions are to be according to your taste and supply of herbs on hand. But, may I promote my "7 Yr. Plan for Regeneration"? Remember: Every cell in our body is replaced completely at least once every 5-7 years. Will you provide yourself with the best in re-creating materials? If we keep regenerating, perhaps we’ll end up with a young teen’s body but a wiser mind!!! This has "worked" as 1 component in the plan for David & I. Our bodies and minds are much "better" now than 10 years ago. **

For Ultimate Benefit: The quality and live microorganisms in the vinegar used are of the utmost importance, although any will work for the 7 year program much better than none at all. First vinegar choice is your own home-brewed OR another "live-culture" vinegar with the "Mother of Vinegar" still present. The Mothers or MOVs have remarkable healing powers of their own. They can serve as film bandages over the worst types of infections, with remarkable drawing & healing powers. The "live" vinegar will go a long way to reseeding your "gut", your esophagus, your mouth, your large and small intestine, etc. to help eliminate many of the disorders plaguing modern society. The most common variety of "live culture" sold in health food stores seems to be Braggs. The next choice is plain Apple Cider Vinegar off the grocery store shelves. The least desirable is white vinegar.

Ingredients: Thyme, Garlic, Ginger, Rue, rosemary, Oregano, Beet Stalks & leaves
Dried, Celery Stalk Dried & lots celery leaves dried, cloves, Chinese 5-Spice
spice, mustard seeds, dill seeds, dill weed ferns, parsley, onion greens dried,
onion powder, cumin, Marseille Basil, Other basils, Veggie Powder, Dried
Carrot tops, Tarragon leaves, Misc.fall-thru-the-dehydrator mixed veggie
leavings, Rose Geranium, Alfalfa leaves, Ephedra, Borage, Fennel Seeds,
Allspice, Peppercorns (mixed), Crushed Pepper and Vinegar.

These dried leaves, spices, stalks should fill about 1/4 to 1/3 of the glass container
and the rest with a REAL vinegar … not the usual imitation cidar vinegar. They will
swell to be about 1/3 to almost 1/2 the container. By the time I've assembled all these
even a small quantity of each for the mix filled my 2 gallons of mix. It will
keep and "extract" more to the vinegar and distribute amongst the dried
herbs the essences of all their vitamins, minerals etc.

The ones to go lightest on for proportion is the Rue, Rose Geranium, & Ephedra. The rest as you
like them. None are absolutely essential … but all contribute lots of "healing" properties to the mix.

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