Wildman Steve Brill Foraging Videos

This fellow has amazing videos with closeup pics of the "weeds" we need to ID for our cooking and remedials of various kinds. He apparently earned his nickname Wildman from an encounter or 2 when first getting started foraging from New York City parks.

Steve Brill (Wildman) presents his works to teach others about the environment, how to use our renewable resources and to rebuild them at the same time. He teaches how to use these for our benefit and those of our families and friends.


When you go to that website you will find all sorts of links to various videos on specific topics/weeds/nuts, etc. This first one on You Tube is about Black Walnuts. In it he talks of eating it, which I personally find too bitter. However, I use it as another of my "heroines" taught, for Black Walnut Extract to use for parasites in man and animals as well as various cosmetic reasons.

Here is one on MugWort:

Here is Chickweed:

Here is Burdock:

There is a lot of other information on his site which I will not try to reproduce here … like, WHY, when he's done such a good job.

So check it all out and learn about the wonderful resources at our footsteps …and fingertips.

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