Dr.Oz yogurt adaptable kefir

Following is a recipe using Greek Yogurt from the Feb.14,2011 show of Dr. Oz. I will follow it with how to adapt it to kefir!! When you click on the picture it will load the program main parts from Dr. Oz as well as other items you may wish to check out for your information.


1/2 cup low-fat Greek yogurt
1 banana
1/2 cup strawberries
Unsweetened coconut, to taste
Ground flaxseed, to desired consistency
Matcha green tea powder, to taste (available at health food stores)
Combine all ingredients and enjoy.

Basically, after checking this out here, ALL one has to do is substitute an equal amount of some 24 hour cultured kefir milk, (it is the mildest tasting but is not as robust with pre and probiotics, vitamins which develop during the next 24 hours, such as folic acid and b12 or b17, (I do not recall which) but there are several very important ones that develop as it converts more and more of the sugars, carbos, with "predigestion".) OR .. IF you like or can adapt to the somewhat more robust taste of kefir which goes through the 2nd ferment, (the 2nd 24 hours in a sealed glass) then you will get about 10X as many beneficial microflora as the Greek Yogurt or 1st 24 hour kefir. (The first 24 is with a breathable cap on the jar, such as rubber-band around a coffee filter over the top so it "breathes".

I would even suggest another "improvement" for digestibility and maximum "use" of all ingredients: During the above mentioned 2nd ferment of the kefir milk, place the ground flaxseed in it to become predigested also!! IF you like, a small amount of stevia sprinkled over the top would sweeten it up if you like a somewhat sweeter taste without added calories. A touch of cinnamon would also add to it's heart-healthy benefits.

Then enjoy!!

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