These smoothies are "basic" and will leave a lot to YOUR creative imagination. You will soon find what works best for YOU and YOUR family. My favorites these days all include variations of "Kefir Smoothies".

Smoothies … Basic:

Fruits, frozen fruit juices or whole fruit juices, milk, (whole, evaporated, or
buttermilk powder…that’s best with the acidy fruits (pineapple, rhubarb, etc.)
Add sugar to sweeten, vanilla sometimes, all blended in the blender with icecubes
till slushy. If the liquid just barely covers the fruit/and or fruit juices
and ice cubes it will turn out about right. The trick with the blender is to keep
starting and stopping and making sure the ice-cubes get crushed by getting to
the bottom with the blades at all times … shake the blender if necessary. If it
is too hard to keep them crushing fine you may need a tad more liquid. You
can add the buttermilk powder or evaporated milk for extra nutrition too, (it provides extra calcium &

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