Kefir Mint Aloe Green Dish

This "DISH" may not have a very sexy title, but if you like kefir at all, or perhaps if you'de like to acquire a taste for it .. THIS DISH IS FOR YOU! It is frugal, fun and super, super nutritious for all who may suffer from heartburn, GERD, IBS, or need gluten free additions to your daily "dishes"! P.S., If YOU can think of a better name for this little dish, please let me know. This is the way I made it and approximate measurements. I've listed substitutes and preferences.

1 1/4 c. kefir milk (preferably from a 24 hour culture)
3 medium size raw aloe leaves, (approximately 1 c.)
1/3 c. dried pineapple (can substitute fresh if desired)
3 TBS. rounded of dried mint greens (again .. can substitute fresh)
1 Large stalk celery (or dried celery flakes if not available)
1TBS. lemon-lime unsweetened kool-aid
3 drops Peppermint essential oil, (can substitute other flavors).
1 TBS. diatomaceous earth if available

Place this all in the blender and blend till very smooth. Place in glass jar. Place coffee filter over the top of jar, place rubber band around it to hold it securely in place. Set "the green DISH" on the back of the cupboard, at least overnight. By morning this will be well-fermented and a cohesive type of soft, spoonable, dish. Stir well from top to bottom and serve either as a thick drink or a soft "DISH." A drizzle of honey or sprinkles of Stevia over the top will be pleasing to some palates. I can also imagine a chocolate syrup or ribbons of melted chocolate chips would pretty a serving up and give that famous mint-chocolate taste one appreciates! Use your imagination and get back to me with them, please.

I made my first "DISH" creation of this with about 6 drops of the Mint oil and it is a really strong mint taste…but really gets the brain zinging! It will tend to separate somewhat after a certain stage but this will not "spoil" it. Any of it that is uneaten will keep, probably at least a week in the refrigerator as both the kefir and aloe will have a tremendous presence to crowd out and eradicate harmful pathogens which would otherwise affect.

Solid Variation

If you have glucomannan powder/flour on hand, carefully sprinkle and stir it in evenly .. it thickens fast and will thicken liquids hot or cold. Once heatened however, it will not revert back, but this is a cool liquid so it should work to make it more solid. It would tend to make a "dish" more attractive if you wanted a dessert type.


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