If you would like to check out some of my own original-concept kefir bee pollen cheese recipes, see them in process under the "WIPS" tab at the top menuhere. There is my Valentine's Day specialsundae which I used today for David but you will not be able to do for Valentine's Day until next year as it has a few culturing days preceding presentation. These are super-super-nutritious as it combines the bee pollen powerhouses predigested with the prebiotics and probiotics microflora of the REAL kefir made from kefir-grains, (not the faux-kefir drinks found in grocery and health food stores, commercial derivatives stripped of most of the real grains.

Note aside: Although the one link's url directs it to the kefir bee pollen sandwiches it is actually to the kefir bee pollen cheese caramel sundae which is what I uploaded. I changed the title but it didn't change the url??? but I believe gets one to the Cheese Caramel Sundae like it should. I am not sure WHAT happens with the sandwich url. I will put it heresandwich too just to see for you and me :) . Then, whilst referring to these other kefir bee pollen products you can make, here is a wonderful oatmeal breakfast at this WIP.breakfast And, of course, one must not neglect what can all be conceived of with the potent kefir bee pollen cheese WHEYWHEY.

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