SeaSalt Electrolyte Cleanse (i.e. flush)

**Electrolyte Regime (Sea Salt)
I use 5 Tablespoons per gallon of purified water, 6 is to strong for me but lots of people I know who use this up the salt for quicker results. The whole cleanse last from 24-48 hours, use your body as your guide. If you still feel you are toxed up wait a few days and start it again, repeat as necessary until you feel cleansed. It's called toploading, I only did it once and since then only do the glasses of solution when I feel I need a touch up. I will drink several glassfuls several times a day for maintenance (but only once in awhile). Blessings, Micki


Modern mankind has hit a wall concerning modern dietary regime and health. Current food technology does not create a healthy nutrition. What foods, touted as white man foods, are providing the detrimental sources for a malnourished and diseased immunity system human body?

Mankind must get back to ancient sources of healing and preventative medicine restoring health, healing, purification and detoxification.
Cutting-edge researches into nutrition and age-reduction techniques have refound ancient methodologies for health and longevity.

Proper metabolism of food requires all metals/minerals found within the periodic table of elements. Many of the elements are needed in trace amounts. The only way to acquire these elements (in a modest way, aside from chemical companies) is via sea salts.

Sea Salt

True sea salt is oceanic waters that have washed the entire shores of the world over, melding and molding trace chemicals from dissolved elements washed down from mountains and lands through creeks and rivers to the sea.

There are different forms of salt available for the modern kitchen. Table salt is an industrial byproduct and unhealthy, even with iodine added. This form of salt contains massive amounts of toxic heavy metals that are dissolved from mining operations within the Utah area. Such salts like Hains and Mortons come from the salt beds of the Great Salt Lake of Utah. Mines in the area wash down unhealthy amounts of heavy metals and non-proportional amounts of non-sea salts. The Great Salt Lake is a land sea, not oceanic sea. This is a great variance regarding what sea salts are needed for human consumption.

There are still ancient sea salt beds operated in North Atlantic and Mediterranean areas. Celtic sea salts from England and France, have both a gray and red appearance (due to microscopic red algae). Other Mediterranean salt bed operations also have international products. One American sea salt is De Souza sea salt.

Do NOT use any other sea salt concoctions – or those that claim to be from inland salt lakes, ancient salt mines or lakes.

True sea salt comes from visible, active salt processing beds at the ocean shores by evaporated crystals in saltpans.

Sea Salt Electrolytes

Look at adult Gatorade or infant formula Pedialyte. These are electrolyte drinks with partial chemical elements. They are a commercial attempt at selling partial electrolytes, some as many as six chemical salts.

Human Metabolism

To have pure metabolism, one needs for entire table of elements. 100% elements of trace metals and minerals provide 100% metabolism of amino acids.

The body also needs 100% full spectrum amino acids (considered essential and non-essential). All amino acids are essentially needed.

Many amino acids are found in food; but not enough are consumed by the modern American lifestyle and “vitamin/mineral pills.”

Full spectrum vitamin/minerals are needed for 100% metabolism of foods and drinks.

Anything less than 100% of each of these needed steps in the nutrition-metabolism process results in less than 100% metabolism of food and drinks in the five food categories needed for health and healing.

An example is, having 0% sea salt electrolytes, 45% amino acids from foods, 100% daily vitamin/mineral supplement, having a full and proper diet of greens, grains, and dairy, and meat … would still only be 45% processed fro the metabolism … or less. The electrolytes would be drained from the body to process the food, causing hunger pangs and binge eating problems. Maybe only 20% of the food would properly be processed.

Such metabolism would be a diesel engine versus a jet engine burning what food was consumed. The rest would remain tin the system or be flushed out of the body.

In effect, no matter how much you eat … if you do not fully metabolize what you eat, you incompletely digest it for energy.

Improperly digested food and metabolism then stores sludge and gunk food on your body as fats, oils, goos, snot, mucous, and other matters that gum up the human body.

The result is that the body becomes starved, you feel starved. No matter how much you eat, and feel full from eating, your body is not acquiring the needed metabolic materials for proper health and nutrition.

Healthy or Starved

Improper metabolism causes starvation mode, overeating, binging and purging, and overweight or eating problems.

Most of the modern western civilization health problems relate to improper diet and eating patterns.

High blood pressure, health disease, high cholesterol, physical back pains, bloated stomachs, kidney-gall stones, migraines, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, osteoporosis and others all relate back to loss of saline electrolytes within the body.

When the electrolytes are restored to the body, healing commences and symptoms and problems are reduced.

The body thinks (no matter how much food you force feed it) that you are starving – so the body overeats to scavenge food sources for missing electrolytes and trace minerals.

It is the same for a pregnant woman having urges for pickles and ice cream searching for elemental acids and dairy calcium for the growing fetus.
Improper metabolism, overeating, overweight, nutritionally starved, improper nutrition, binging and purging, starvation diets are all potential problems related to health and nutrition and promote disease syndromes.

Karen Carpenter, of the singing duo the Carpenters, should never have died from binging and purging and starvation diets. It was all a lack of proper electrolytes in her body … and mind … that caused her to conduct such extreme actions of diet and malnutrition and death.

Such extreme actions of stomach stapling, life entertainment/media personalities of Carly Mannheim or Al Roker, are drastic medical cures that are also not needed, if the proper electrolytes are re-installed in the metabolism.

Proper electrolyte intake will take care of restoring the body’s metabolism and weight status.

If the body receives proper elements and nutrition, it sheds the excess overweight. When the body is not in starvation mode, why should it store it? It processes the excess fat. Weight, and water weight gain and removes it through metabolism and natural dietary fasting of its own regulation, not the owner.

Proper weight, health, and strong immunity returns.

Cholesterol levels in the bloodstream return to normal. Acidic levels from table salt sodium chloride, like Clorox bleach burns the blood vessels. The body reacts by sending oily/waxy cholesterol deposits to wax the burn area with “salve” protecting the blood vessels. Continued massive table salt intake causes the entire body to wax the entire blood system and heart cell surfaces leading to phlebitis, blood vessel and heart plaques. Proper electrolytes restore normal blood acidity dissolving cholesterol plaque deposits of blood vessels and heart. Healing and health are restored to the body.

Proper respiration-aspiration of the lungs-blood vessels returns as proper oxygenation and catabolic metabolism within the digestive tract. Proper circulation of the oxygen-carbon monoxide/dioxide cycle removes waste gasses from the body, muscles, and bloodstream.

Body fat (white fat, lard) is dissolved, broken back down into burnable dietary fats, oils, carbohydrates, and blood sugars and processed. Brown fat (good fat) is retained (which is used within the body to process white fat for storage or metabolism).

Removal of excess and unneeded body fat on the body and around the stomach and hips resolves heart and circulation problems and hip-and-back physical muscle and bone problems.

As proper metabolism is returned, body heat is returned to normal function. Improper metabolism is like a diesel truck burning only so much fuel and expelling the majority of fuel back into the atmosphere. Proper nutrition yields full combustion to energy and nitrogen-carbon waste gasses.

Proper metabolism is a high thermostat setting. Children have high metabolism and high heat. Infants have the highest body metabolism thermostat setting. They are more healthy and rambunctious than elderly and aging people with slow metabolism and cold thermostat settings. Restored electrolytes into the aging population will reheat up the metabolism (not unlike menopausal hot flashes) and return healing, heat, and health to the body.

Nutrition and Health

Proper nutrition also removes bugs, germs, parasites, flukes, tape worms, round worms, bacteria fungus, molds, mildews toxins, petrochemicals, septic conditions.

Proper nutrition dissolves gallstones, kidney stones, and other parasitical stones of mineral calcium or cholesterol deposits surrounding toxic matter, fluids, or encapsulating (still living) bugs within muscle tissue.

Sea salt electrolytes help restore high fuel-burning metabolism like childhood and teenager status. Food is eaten and metabolized. Full metabolism of dietary food is processed by the body and withheld from the bugs and parasites causing their demise.
Sea salt is used like kosher processing of cattle meats, fouls and fish. The meats are rubbed with sea salts and left to process – or soaked like preparations for jerky meats (then smoking).

Sea salt kills the bacteria on the skin and within the meat. Sea salt pulls out the blood fluids and excess circulatory plasmas and fluids not healthy for digestion.

Sea salt desiccates (fluidly dries out, and chemically dissolves) the cell membranes of bacteria killing them by decomposition. The egg-breeding cycle of parasites is continually attacked eventually removing any and all forms of non-human cell bodies within the host.

Like jerky, sea salt dissolves the phlegm, glues, gums, excess oils, fats, guck, goos, snot, mucous, slimes, stones, and tumors acquired from food, drinks, and parasitic infections.

**Clean breathing through nose and lungs is regained.

Blood and lymph Systems**

Sea salt, one initial believes, goes from the stomach as a drink into the bloodstream and circulation. In fact, this happens, but it also goes into the lymphatic system.

Sea salt electrolytes go from the stomach into the lymphatic system (not blood vessel circulation) and endocrine glands.

The hidden lymphatic system is now found to be the health system of oriental medicine and health found through the charkas, meridians, and nadis of the various non-body energy transfer systems. The lymphatic system circulates throughout the entire body in a 25-hour pattern versus the heart-blood system at a much faster pulse rate. All cells, glands, and organs are washed with lymph fluid down to the interstitial cellular level (between cells and within the cells themselves).

Bloodstream plasma is equivalent to sea salt concentrations in potency and proportions. If so then drinking sea salt electrolytes would not be harmful to the blood and lymph circulation systems. Neither also, as found in the lymphatic plasma fluids.

The human body imitates a living water canteen bag retaining sea salt electrolytes.

The body hungers and “thirsts” for saline electrolytes.

Electrolyte Regime

Initial sea salt dietary regime is done through consuming the saline drink. The bloodstream plasma and lymph fluids must be increased to oceanic saline concentrations.

As the body rebuilds up its saline concentration strength, the body reaches the purging stage.

The blood and lymph system washes all internal organs, muscles, and bones. Toxins, bugs, tumors, cancers, and unhealthy conditions are processed for a return to health. A purging of the saline waters from koshering the body removes the toxins in a harmless and painless method of flushing. Diarrheic conditions without diarrheic pain, mental-physical energy drain are not experienced.

This process is scheduled within the regime for a “Friday night-Saturday morning day/night weekend.” A person needs a complete 48-hour period in which to fulfill this bodily cleansing process.

This process is not used with herbs, fiber, and tannates for killing bugs, harmful pharmaceutical chemicals or preparations.

Saline electrolytes are prepared using a tablespoon, a comparable 32-ounce juice drink plastic or glass bottle or container, … and distilled water. Add water.

ACCORDING TO YOUR ABILITY TO TASTE AND TOLERATE SALINE CONDITIONS, add up to 2 level tablespoons sea salt to the water. Shake, until the salts are dissolved. Store within the refrigerator as a chilled drink.

Within this 48 hour period, you will flush out such amazing quantities of disgusting smells, sounds, and contaminants from your body that would cause a skunk to not be able to stand its own stink. This is very a very reliable statement of fact. Bugs, toxins, chemicals, petrochemicals, flavorings, swamp gas, swamp muck, and swamp phew will be removed from the body. It is suggested that matches or air deodorizers are present.

Such flushing of the body continues at 5–15–30 minutes by normal elimination. Continued saline drinking continues throughout this period. The saline electrolytes pull out the toxins and bugs and excess fluids; the distilled waters replenish impure fluids within the body and accelerate continued flushing.

At the end of the regime, slow down the rate of drinking.

In time, the body will accept the saline drink as a normal part of its intake and even refusing normal water. The body will acquire a saline drink taste as a continued regime … without a flushing cycle. The body will normalize and restore a normal elimination cycle.

Continue daily saline electrolyte drinking in pure form or within such orange juice, fruit juice, or cocktail juice drinks. You will find that they taste better when the proper saline strength is found.

For normal working employees, upon arising in the morning drink until full 8-10 gulps of saline water ½ - 1 hour before breakfast. This process, along with the nighttime drinking, should provide a normal return of bowel function (not diarrhea or loose stools), but of normal composition. Throughout the day, drink 1-2 gulps periodically. Try to achieve an entire 32-ounce container. Eat supper. Before going to bed, drink 8-10 gulps of saline water until maximally full in the stomach.

Nighttime washing of the stomach and intestines for 8 hours provides the easiest and most healthy process for the sleeping body and restorative processes happening during the night.

This provides the needed saline electrolytes for metabolism missing in normal table salt upon food or fast food saturated with table salt products. This also provides the necessary drinking of water for healthy flushing of the body recommended by health officials.

The pre-breakfast drinking helps metabolize the foods and drinks for maximum energy in early morning work. Drinking before lunch and supper also provides proper metabolism of meals. Drinking before sleep provides all metabolism of foods between supper and breakfast plus internal washing and cleansing.


The initial regime of the saline electrolyte process experiences cleansing of the lymphatic system of glands, organs, and muscles of the body … and those of the five senses.

Throughout the process, the body will reacquire cleansing domination over all the endocrine glands eliminating toxins and bugs. Excess toxic nitrogenous, carbonaceous, and sulfurous (amongst many more) gasses are removed from the body though breath, or dissolution through urination, fecal elimination, and also pure gas-to-gas elimination flatus.

The five senses become cleaner and cleansed. Tear ducts become cleansed when naturally occurring saline tears appear in the eyes (without pre-occurring emotional conditions). Earwax and oils become dissolved and clearer hearing becomes noticed.

Washing the optical system can yield clearer-cleaner sight from removed excess translucent gunk within the eyes. The potential for removal of cataracts can happen through this process.

Phlegm, snot, mucous is dissolved down to free-flowing fluids. Sinuses are dried up and proper sinus properties of preventing inhaled contaminants from causing disease are maintained. Some massive movements of nasal and lung congestion mucous, coughing, and clearing of snot can be noticed leaving vastly improved smell and breathing capacity within the sinuses.

Lungs can cough up many years old congestion of dirt, dust mildew, fungus, mucous, phlegm, gunk and tobacco smoking contaminants leaving greater respiration-aspiration.

The senses can become more-highly sensitive and regain their original capacity of sense recognitions.

During this process, it can be found, the body doesn’t feel hunger pangs, acts hungry, or starving. Food, body glucose sugars from excess fats, oils, and sugars from dissolved white fat are dissolved and metabolized. A diet without exercise starts burning overweight. Overweight fat and water gains are naturally removed.

Initial symptoms are that no urination happens sometimes for you 4-5 days within the starting regime. There is no fluid waste to remove. All waters are being metabolized, burnt up, or aspirated by the lungs.

Also, as the sinuses, and lymphatic system is flushed, the oral cavity of mouth, gums, teeth, and tongue are also cleansed. Without extensive brushing of teeth and gums, oral sanitation is commenced by the saline electrolyte killing off the dental bacteria and plague … regaining sweet-smelling breath. Tongue slime fluidity and cleanness, greater sense of taste, removal of sulfurous bacteria on the back of the tongue and tonsils … removes bad breathe.

As the endocrine glands (and tonsils) are flushed with saline waters, bugs are killed and removed from the egg-breeding cycle. Glands are cleansed of parasitic toxins, petrochemicals, toxic gasses, and circulatory mal-cleansing. The glands become cleansed and stronger for greater endocrinal processing for immunity, healing, health, and disease-resistance to germ, viral, and parasitical re-infestation.

Within the first two months, with the removal of excess water weight, the body heat returns. The body heat propels a higher metabolism. As excess water is removed, greater salinity of blood plasma and lymphatic fluids increase dissolving white body fats and oils hidden across the entire physical body in joints, glands, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and dermal (fat layer) areas.

The skin can be seen to shrink and sag due to the removed excess fats and waters. They have been metabolized and removed. Excess weight is removed and optimum weight is gained.

Allowing the natural physical body mechanism to receive proper nutrition and lifestyle without hampering from faulty diet, parasitical infestation, and petrol/chemical/toxin intrusions. The body returns to health and fitness – without exercise or intensive metabolic exercises.

There is no need for gyms, exercise tapes, jungle jims equipment when the body receives ultimate saline electrolyte nutrition and cleansing. The body regains its own health and resistance upon return to normalcy.

There are also physical changes within the body (that could be considered miraculous) according to iridiology (eye iris diagnosis) where filaments previously lost due to disease of ill health are regrown. Such iris filaments shadow the internal status of the body, showing hidden healing and health processes restoring lost functions of organs and parts. Unheard of in medical journals. Once filament like hearing hairs within the inner ear are destroyed … can potentially be regrown with proper nutrition.

The person undergoing saline electrolyte process also grows attached to fresh juice drinks of vegetables (salts), fruits (natural sugars), and saline water – versus soda drinks, kool aids, sugared concoctions, and plain water drinks. One acquired a salt thirst for saline water versus plain or distilled water having no saline electrolytes.

A return to healthy diet and food intake also commences once the individual realizes his healthy lifestyle. Dietary changes and lifestyle changes also commence.

[Note aside by RedHen: I've used this and had what I consider to be excellent results. It has helped to give me back my "energy"! I am probably not as faithful to maintenance as I should be but it has certainly dispelled for me all those unscientific low-salt and no-salt warning. They fail to address the differences to the body of seasalt as opposed to refined and that there has been a vested interest in developing a need for the drugs to cure the disorders which will result from lack of adequate REAL salt.]

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